Is Your Child Ready for College?

Four years of high school go by in the wink of an eye. I know from experience, as a high school principal. Those students who enter so young and nervous in the 9th grade are shaking hands and being handed diplomas, seemingly faster than a roller coaster plunges from its summit to its descent. 

Time does fly when your child is having fun, and learning too! So, how can you ensure that by the beginning of 12th grade, your child is ready not only for the college application process but for college itself? What steps can you take to make certain that college will be a successful four years?  Read on to learn a bit more.

Encourage Their Academic Interests

Take a look at what they are taking right from the start of 9th grade. Is their schedule too challenging? Not challenging enough? Talk with their counselor about what classes are best for your child and then monitor which classes they seem to enjoy the most. 

 What is your high school student most passionate about? This could give you a clue as to what they should focus on in college and in a career.

What is your high school student most passionate about? This could give you a clue as to what they should focus on in college and in a career.

What are your children talking about at the dinner table; their science lab or their English project? It might be, at times, an effort to listen to every detail, but those key details may help you gain insight into your child’s academic strengths and interests. From there, it will become easier to guide them toward a college major that will bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Being able to help your child get a sense of who he or she wants to become will help make college easier as well.

Begin College Research Early

Do some research yourself and start early. What colleges would you like to see your child apply to for admission? How far are you willing to let them go?  How much can you invest and how much will b e covered by loans? 

Having the answers to these questions ready, long before your child even asks, will allow him or her to see that you are being proactive about the future and that you are committed to his or her academic success. 

Find out What Tests Your Child Needs to Take

Investigate what standardized tests and other academic requirements the colleges and universities are looking for from your child. Engage him or her in test prep classes or seminars, encourage activities and athletics and support your child in these ventures. Helping to ensure that they have a well-rounded application is also a key to eventual success in college.


Finally and perhaps most importantly, talk frankly to your child about why college is so important. Break down costs for them of owning a home, a car, and supporting a family. Ask them what their plans are for their future and how they will make that happen. Without a college degree, it will be very difficult to accomplish some dreams.

The four years after high school graduation will provide many opportunities to shape your student's life for years to come. If you believe that they can succeed, they will believe it too.

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