Care Package Ideas for College Students

The care package can be defined as a little something from mom and dad that reminds their son or daughter that they are thinking of them while they are away at school.

Creating care packages can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. They can have a theme, or you can just gather up some of your child’s favorite things and send them off.

Regardless of what you decide, getting a care package is one of the most exciting and heartwarming things a college student can receive in the mail. Here are a few ideas for care packages that you can send your college student:

 A coffee-themed care package is every college student's dream!

A coffee-themed care package is every college student's dream!

Idea #1: Miss You a Latte

If your son or daughter is accustomed to pulling all-nighters studying, then they probably enjoy their occasional caffeine fix. A care package that includes coffee, some coffee creamer, maybe a mug, and a gift card would make the perfect care package for a student who can’t get enough Starbucks!

Idea #2: Finals Survival Kit

Any parent with a veteran college student knows that we tend to fall off the face of the Earth when finals week rolls around. We’re studying, finishing up last minute papers and projects, and doing it all so we can come home for break and tell you about our stellar grades. Finals week is the hardest week of them all, so why not send a little love their way with a survival kit?

Some ideas to include in a survival kit include Aleve, hand sanitizer, wipes, pens, higlighters, energy drinks, snacks and vitamins. Add a few surprises based on what your student likes.

Idea #3: Color Me Happy!

Does your child have a color that they can’t get enough of? Did you buy pink sheets, pillows, hangers, and accessories so that her whole dorm room matched? Then maybe going with a color theme might work for your son or daughter.

For example, a yellow themed box could include a Mr. Goodbar, some M&M’s, silly putty, Burt’s Bee’s chapstick, a Fuze banana drink, and Lay’s potato chips. You could make a theme like this work with any color that you child likes so that they aren’t feeling super blue for the rest of the semester.

 Halloween-themed care package. Photo by  dennis crowley  under  CC BY 2.0  via Flickr.

Halloween-themed care package. Photo by dennis crowley under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr.

Idea # 4: Holiday Themed

If your child is missing some of the usual holiday celebrations, sending them a holiday-themed box will help them feel included in the fun. A Halloween box can include candy, themed decorations and a spooky card. An Easter box can include fake grass, candy, and treats. A Christmas box might include some mittens, a couple of small gifts, and hot cocoa mix. No matter what holiday it is, you can always spread some cheer through a thoughtful package.

Idea #5: Keeping it Clean!

We all know that teenagers (especially the boys) sometimes aren’t the most hygienic, especially without mom and dad around! For that reason, sending a simple care package with toiletries might be more of a lifesaver than you think. You can include shampoo and conditioner, soap, chapstick, deodorant, laundry soap and dryer sheets, or anything that your student may need to make sure they’re taking care of themselves while away from home.

Idea #6: Stress Buster

Between late-night studying, getting to class on time, meeting deadlines, and balancing other hobbies and a social life, college can be stressful! If your student is away from home and needs some help relaxing try sending a stress-busting themed care package. Some ideas include an adult coloring book and colored pencils (also great for an art-lover), lavender air freshener, a CD with classical music, and a box of herbal tea.

Like I said, a care package will never fail to put a smile on your student’s face. Even if we’re all grown up, we’re never too old to get a little love from home!